Benefit Swing Dance for Kijungumoto and Tabora

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the Gottaswing Luau 2Seeds Benefit swing dance in Severna Park, MD last night!

Craig and Susanne Sparks of Gottaswing donated a majority of the dance profits, and between those and the contents of the donation box, the event raised a total of $210.

The proceeds were split equally between former classmates Josh Paul (for the Tabora Project) and Kelly Trop (for the Kijungumoto Project.) So the Tabora Project and the Kijungumoto Project raised $105 each, and got the word out to a pretty diverse audience, including people who probably would never have heard of our work otherwise. General highlights of the evening included decorating the gym, some awesome dances with new and old friends, and a Snowball jam that got everyone dancing at once.

For Kelly Trop’s more personal take on this whole experience, see her personal blog: Kallitropos.

Also, watch the Tabora Project Page for Josh’s write-up!


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