Partner Profile: Amina

Amina headshot

Say hi to Amina!

It is time for another Partner Profile! It is with great pleasure I introduce you to my Partner, Amina. Amina is one of the more quiet members of the group, but she is also incredibly sweet, hardworking, and hospitable. Amina is a very active member of the 2Seeds Network, and is very devoted to her garden and tasks with the bees.

While the vast majority of group members are active, Amina is one of the most reliable. If you need her for anything, you can count on her being there. There have even been instances where she could not come to scheduled work days, but would make sure her portion of tasks were complete. There was once a time when we were bringing water to the bees on the same day one of her children was getting married, so she came to do her part the morning of the ceremony. This kind of dedication is unparalleled.

She is also very smart, and enjoys the business training we have been having. Each Partner has a book where they keep personal financial records, including all expenses and money coming in. She does a great job keeping her books, and there have been a few instances where she has come to me to discuss how to categorize certain expenses, in order to have the most accurate account possible. Since she is quiet in group settings her sharp mind is sometimes overlooked, but her insight has been helpful for the group as a whole.

In addition to being smart and dedicated, Amina is incredibly kind and generous. In Tanzanian culture hospitality is very important, and she is one of the most hospitable people I have met here. Essentially, of all the hospitable people in an incredibly hospitable country, she takes the cake. If you go to her house, you should make sure you have an empty stomach because she will love to fill it to the brim. Also, she is a very good cook so it is totally worth it.

Her family is very important to her, and she is a wonderful mother and grandmother. Her children are at the heart of everything she does, and she always wants to give them the best life she can. She cares for them when they are sick, makes sure they go to school, takes care of the farm so they have food to eat, and is still able to find time to have warm conversations with them and everyone around her. Her sweetness and hard work are an inspiration.


Amina wanted me to make sure I got a picture of her with some of her kids and grand-kids. Aren’t they a lovely bunch? 



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