Hey guess what! We got more beehives!

The last time we talked about honey, I was telling you about our biggest harvest yet and how we planned to continue increasing production. One way we are increasing production is by increasing the number of hives! A craftsman in Korogwe built 8 new hives that are the Warre design, which means they are standing hives as opposed to the kind you hang in trees (like the design of our other hives). The new hives look like houses, and even have a roof on top! Each hive has 5 “stories”, or boxes where the bees will build their honeycombs. These hives are supposed to be easier to harvest and produce more honey, which means these new hives will effectively double production capacity! Check out these pictures of the hives arriving!


This is the truck with the hives arriving! It took almost 4 hours for them to get here, but all arrived safe and sound. 

018 (2)

Carefully unloading the precious cargo!

Now, these hives are great, but they are also HEAVY. I don’t know how much they weigh, but I have trouble lifting just one of the parts. And unfortunately, there was no way for a vehicle to get from the road to the hive location. This means that we had to carry 56 pieces (5 boxes + 1 roof + 1 stand per hive)  of heavy and bulky material for about a mile uphill. And since we live in Tanzania, the normal way to carry things is on your head:

Since my Partners are amazing and stronger than I will ever be, they were able to complete the task. But let me tell you, it was not easy. It took about 4 hours and countless trips. I only carried the lightest pieces, the roof and the hive stands, and I was struggling. We put all the pieces in the Honey House for safe keeping until we are ready to move them to the new hive location. So we aren’t even done moving the hives, and the walk from the Honey House to the new hive site is shorter, but far more difficult. Even though it is going to be physically exhausting, I know we can do it. Everyone agrees that this is extremely hard, but will be worth it in the end.


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