Partner Profile: Bibi Kidee

In the last Partner Profile I told you about Amina, one of the more quiet members of the group. On the opposite end of the spectrum we have Bibi Kidee.

Bibi Kidee is a character and a half, and when you’re with her there is never a dull moment. Bibi is the Swahili word for grandmother, and I believe she is the oldest woman in our group if you judge by age alone. Yet she is also one of the most spry, active, and playful members. Bibi Kidee LOVES to dance, and if there is music playing (which there often is) she will be dancing to it. And usually she brings other people on the “dance floor” with her. She is quite a jokester, and always has something clever to say. She loves to make people laugh, and does a very good job of it too.

In addition to being fun and funny, she is sweet and protective. When I have been sick she always comes by to check on me, and has even brought me food. And as far as being protective goes, there have been multiple occasions where she refuses marriage proposals on my behalf, always loudly proclaiming “She is doing work first! She will get married later! Go away she doesn’t want you!” Not only does it deflect the unwanted advances, she does it in a way that makes everyone laugh.

At first I was very intimidated by Bibi Kidee. She is a ball of energy and has no trouble coming to my door and yelling my Kisambaa (the local language) name until I answer the door, then unexpectedly taking me to a party or wedding. While this was overwhelming at first, I appreciate it and her so very much. I love that she has given me more opportunities to be involved in the community, and that she introduces me to a new family member of hers almost every day. Although she is probably close to 70 and I am 25, I can honestly say she keeps me young. Her energy is amazing, and I know the group as a whole is better for it.


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