As volunteers, we rely entirely on donations to start and sustain our work in Tanzania, and without the generosity of businesses and private individuals, the Kijungumoto Project would not be possible. We wish to acknowledge and thank our donors for their support by listing them here. If you’d like to join their ranks, you can donate as well, by paypal or check made out to “The 2Seeds Network, Inc.” with “Kijungumoto Project” in the subject/memo line. You can send checks to “2Seeds Network, Inc. — 920 U St. NW — Washington, DC 20010.”


Corporate Donors Private Donors Special Thanks
Secure 24 Marie Hyder Jennifer Petricig
Gottaswing Harvey Trop Darcy Dodd
Annebeth’s Kate Hyder Harvey Trop
The Annapolis Bookstore Frank Timson Craig and Susanne Sparks
The Harvard Book Store Roberta Gable Attendees of the 7/23/11 Swing Dance
Oliver’s Buy Sell Trade Lizzy Eze
              Borders Books – Annapolis Donor of Duke football tickets
Abraham Trop
Chris Mellon Jr
Suzanne and Joseph Seem
Keith and Nancy Kendrex
Howard “Bud” and Nike Bolte
Bob and Viki Dodd
Ben Hoffman
Kelly Trop
Stacey Dodd
Katherine Hale
Lynn Ingram
Cynthia Dodd
Chris Fedor
Chip and Patricia Colson
Rob Stewart
Tom Himes
Melinda Ward
Susanne and Craig Sparks
Daniel Dausman
Esa Sclafani
Phil Staley
David Massa
John Tuck
Dirk and Xiao Lan Dodd
Marco Damiano
Diane DiDona
Cathy Assetto
Maureen Ferraro
Darcy Dodd
David and Ann Sloan
Kevin Finson
Laura Saltonstall
John Verdi
Alicia Shussett
Carol Partonen
Caryl Trop
Laura Kotz
John Gill
Abby Assetto
Tamara Friedler
Frances Bruton
Kathleen Doolan
Annmarie Gomes
Barbara Newman
Rachel Ulrich
Quinn Gelestino

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