Who Are We?


Caitlin Norton – Personal Blog
Caitlin Norton
Caitlin is originally from McLean, Virginia and has three older siblings, Liz, Layne, and Will. As a youngster she spent a lot of time in the garden but it took her years to realize how passionate she is about growing things. She graduated from Virginia Tech in 2011 with a degree in Geography, which fed her insatiable desire to travel and learn about other cultures. While in Blacksburg, Caitlin learned about community food systems through her work with the Sustainable Food Corps and fell in love with Appalachia. Over the past several years her curiosity about all things food-related has led Caitlin to engage in a semester-long local eating experiment, make her own yogurt, attend coffee cuppings, take a class on the geography of wine, and read up on specialty crops among other things. She left school for a year to learn about organic farming in New Zealand and is excited to be getting her hands into the Tanzanian earth. Caitlin is looking forward to becoming a part of the community in Kijungumoto and the adventure of learning Swahili.

Patricia Cashen – Personal Blog
Patricia Cashen
Patricia grew up in Macomb, Michigan. She attended Michigan State University where she earned a BA in Anthropology with a minor in Religious Studies and a specialization in Documentary Studies. During her senior year at MSU, she served as producer of a student run TV show called Turn where she got her first taste of non-profit management (the show focused on production, but also on education and experience for its members). Patricia was attracted to 2Seeds because it combines the skills she learned as producer with Anthropology’s drive to see the world from another person’s point of view. In going to Africa, she will be leaving the North American continent for the first time! She is excited to learn Swahili, get to know the people of Kijungumoto and help the project there grow together with the people.


Lizzy Eze – Personal Blog
Raised in Worcester, MA (about an hour outside of Boston), Lizzy is the youngest of three sisters and grew up making frequent trips to the library, playing soccer and music, and enjoying her mother’s delicious baked goods. She recently graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Social Studies, which was focused in International Development. While at Harvard, she dedicated much of her time towards tutoring at-risk youth and working as an intern at the Harvard Foundation to facilitate dialogue about issues of race, culture, and ethnicity. As the daughter of a Nigerian immigrant, Lizzy has always had an acute awareness of poverty and the developing world. Her experiences studying abroad in Morocco reinforced that interest and eventually led her to 2Seeds. Lizzy is excited to spend the next year helping 2Seeds fulfill its mission (particularly its goals of sustainability and community involvement). An avid reader and movie-watcher, Lizzy enjoys good food, good music, and great company. She looks forward to experiencing all three while in Kijungumoto!

Kate Hyder – Personal Blog

Kate is from Charlotte, NC by way of California. She just graduated with a BS in Earth Systems from Stanford University and is excited to head off to Tanzania with 2seeds in her first trip to the African continent. She has a natural love of traveling that has taken her to many countries in South America, Europe, and Asia through the years. Also passionate about theatre, Kate has experience working on an organic farm and working in a food security research group. She is excited for the learning that will take place on-the-ground with 2seeds during these 9 months, though she will miss her family in the Carolinas. In going to Africa, Kate is following in her cousin’s footsteps, and as an only child, a pioneer in her immediate family. Kate is excited to learn Swahili, go somewhere new, and most importantly meet and spend time with many new friends!

Kelly TropPersonal Blog

Kelly Trop is from Emmaus, Pennsylvania, USA. She graduated in 2011 from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland, USA with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. Her study of the ‘arts of liberty’ taught her the importance of both communal and individual striving towards independence, and she realized that at the most fundamental level, being an independent human being means knowing how to provide for oneself and one’s family, day after day. Kelly looks forward to learning, teaching, and experiencing such self-sufficiency in Kijungumoto! In addition to helping herself and others build the skills and confidence needed to thrive, she hopes to make new friends and play football (possibly at the same time). She loves reading, making things with her hands, singing, and dancing. Her sister Karen is four years younger, but four inches taller.


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